[2/21, 8:41 am EST]
-refresh shoutbox-
jorge [2/15/2020, 9:38 am EST]
email answered. Thank you.
Bianca [2/14/2020, 2:49 pm EST]
I sent an email
jorge [2/14/2020, 8:39 am EST]
negative Sorry.
Bianca [2/14/2020, 1:19 am EST]
Do y’all have a working number?
jorge [2/11/2020, 9:07 am EST]
yes. M/W @ 6:30 or Tues/Thur @ 5:30
Sara [2/11/2020, 12:26 am EST]
My son wants to do TKD. Can I bring him 1 night for him to just try before we sign him up?
jorge [1/30/2020, 5:23 pm EST]
Heather key [1/30/2020, 3:11 am EST]
How much for two boys, 5yr old and an 8 yr old? Of course after u meet them.
jorge [12/9/2019, 9:10 am EST]
answered email.
Angela [12/8/2019, 4:29 pm EST]
What is the price for a 15 year old. To do Monday fitness tuesday tkd weds fitness Thursday tkd??
jorge [11/1/2019, 7:26 am EST]
5, although at that age i need to see the student first before accepting him/her
Janet [10/31/2019, 5:59 pm EST]
What is the youngest age y’all accept
jorge [9/28/2019, 8:21 am EST]
answered email
Lou [9/28/2019, 12:21 am EST]
What is price for 5yr tkd a month? Can he do Friday and Saturday?
jorge [9/16/2019, 8:52 am EST]
answered email.